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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Sore Feet

 As I previously stated, I went on a camp out with the rest of Troop 99. The map, however, was outdated, so we ended up hiking more miles then necessary, hopping a barbed wire fence, and getting pricked by numerous thorns and bugs! At the camp, we put our gear down in our tents and hike 1/4 mile to get water then came back to relax by the lake. For dinner, we had Hot dogs and beans. My bunk mates kept me up, freaking out because they saw a dog tick, which is harmless ( Minus the itchiness) and being mad at me for staying calm. I had an instant pancake for breakfast followed by Canoeing lessons. We finished the lessons after lunch, which for me was 2 ham and mayonnaise sandwiches. Soon after a little free time spent Canoeing, i canoed back to the opposite shore and drove to Sonic for dinner. After dropping all my friends off I enjoyed a full night of sleep. I enjoyed watching the sunrise, surveying forests of giant Elodea and looking out over the lake to see a gleaming sunset. See ya later!

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