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Sunday, January 16, 2011

A Day of Great Feasts (sort of)

A month or two ago, I went to Philadelphia with my friend, Ian. After seeing the sights and sounds, we went to our favorite cheesesteak resteraunt : Sunny`s! After a delicious cheesteak with a side of green beans that were fried and dusted with peppers and some cheesefries, we went to the best place to buy ice cream in philly, which happened to be really close to Sunny`s. It`s called the Franklin Fountain, and all the employees dress as if they were in an old ice cream parlor. But here`s the twist, they serve ice cream into those boxes you get at a chinese resteraunt! Still I prefer to eat the ice cream that comes in the metal bowl. The best of which is the Mount Vesuvius! It has your choice of chocolate or vannilla ice cream, malt powder, an ice cream cone, and hot fudge. Even ith the combined efforts of my freind and I, we still could not eat this massive sundae.

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